Growing Class Barcelona
March 3, 2018
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Growing Class Barcelona
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Tour Description


  • Become member of the best weed club in Barcelona
  • 4 hours growning class
  • Learn how to grow your own weed
  • Meet and greet with private guide
  • Papers and Tips

Not Included:

  • Membership fees for the weed club

this course takes you through the entire process from seed or clone through harvesting, manicuring, and storing the finished product.

Here is what we go over during this 4 hours classes.

You will get access to the menu of the Weed social club as well.

Seeds and Germination Germinating and Planting Seeds, Moisture, Warmth, Air (Oxygen), Cannabis Strains, Step-by-Step: Germination and Planting, Potential Problems, How to Obtain Seeds, Seed Ordering Security, Seized Seeds, Seed Quantities and Pricing, Feminized Seeds, Receiving Seeds, Storing Seeds, Seedlings, Transplanting Seedlings Vegetative Growth When to Induce Flowering, Pre-flowering, Male Pre-flowering, Female Pre-flowering Flowering Male Flowering, Female Flowering, Sinsemilla Flowering, Intersex or Hermaphrodite Flowers Clones and Mother Plants Mother Plants, Get Ready to Take Clones, Rooting Mediums, Rooting Hormones,

Step-by-Step: Cloning, Transplanting Harvesting Before Harvest, Harvest, Harvesting Leaves, Male Harvest, Sinsemilla Harvest, Too Early! Early Harvest, Peak Harvest, Late Harvest,

Step-by-Step: Harvest, Manicuring, Drying, Curing and storage

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